Anand CV Mallaya

this world is my dream???

In Blogroll, life, spirituality on October 27, 2006 at 9:51 am

I always had this feeling(Not a Matrix hangover) that what i see and feel with my senses are just relative(albert einstein!!) to me.

Then  who is ‘me’ ? How can i understand who/what i am? by comparing with what i see and feel.

hmmm. so?….

So everything i see and feel is relative to me. Never tried to think beyond that. Because there is no point in that

So u, the reader is just a character in my dream.  So just do what i say


If u didn’t get your script yet, ask me , don’t just sit idle


I am gonna write some really weird scripts


  1. suRELY we shOuld
    our sELF
    wHO We are
    who they aRe
    who yoU are

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