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entrepreneur lessons

In Business, productivity on July 9, 2009 at 10:23 am

Some lessons I learned to become a good entrepreneur from various sources

  1. Communication – Talk to people with smiling face. Read the mind.
  2. Good will – Learn the meaning of compassion, humanity, kindness,optimism,positivity….
  3. Health – Daily workout is a must.
  4. Imagination – Use the creativity. Imagine what change it will make when you offer your product or service.
  5. Innovation – Convert those flash lights on your head to solid reality.
  6. Knowledge – General awareness, current affairs.
  7. Networking – Networking with large number of people. Mathematically $ ∝ n 2 , n is the number of people you know.
  8. Observation – Observe what your senses offering to you. Everything is  information and opportunity.
  9. Passion – passionate about what you are up to is the key to success.
  10. Risk – Assessing and risk planning. You may need plan A, plan B …. plan Z, plan AA, plan AB ……. Never say there are no plans. Taking calculated risks is a skill.