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What the heck is a fractal seed?

In life, math, spirituality on July 3, 2011 at 8:06 pm

You may be wondering.  Fractals are geometric shapes that can be split in to parts,each of which are a reduced part of the whole. In other words, geometric shapes showing self similarity and complexity. Yet they are overwhelmingly present everywhere in nature- from shape of the costlines and mountains to the shape of brocoli and fern. Fractals can be made using special recursive mathematical functions.

The seed of the fractal is the pattern defined by the equation which is repeating throughout the fractal. All life on the earth are fractals too. Fractals made of recursive process of procreation. And we make larger fractal patterns like family, community and countries and biosphere. And we are made of smaller fractal patterns – atoms, molecules, cells and organs.

So I am a seed. A recursive pattern. In that sense I am very old. Millions of years old. And I am everywhere. And I am you.