Anand CV Mallaya

Mini story: Miracles do happen

In life, spirituality on December 10, 2012 at 11:38 am

The little kid was at 7th heaven as he was running to catch up with his mom, aunt and his little cousin buddy, who were almost ignoring him when they were hurriedly striding away. He was wearing over-sized clothes which made him look funny, with his tiny thin hands protruding as if from a bag. The source of his joy was the hard earned ice-cream cone that he was holding in one of those tiny hands. He was not sure what just happened for a moment and then he realized that he is facing the ground. He was almost sure he should cry in such a situation. His mother turned around and looked back at him and was starting to blame him before she carried him in her hands. He knew he was a winner when he just saw his hand was still in the air holding the ice cream cone totally safe.

He  just learned his first lesson: Miracles do Happen.

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