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What is time?

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Answer by Anand Mallaya:

When ever I collide with this question, every answer I get is like when asked about "what is a boat?", getting an answer : "a boat is a small ship".

EDIT For e.g. Take the term change which is often found in most definitions. The term change itself doesn't have proper meaning with out a reference to the concept of time itself.
Being said that, according to special and general relativity , space and time are one single entity.

EDIT:(Got a new insight, comments are appreciated) Assuming The Big Bang theory is a reality, and what was happening since big bang is the expansion of the universe from a singular state where all the matter was confined to the smallest unit of space. This give raise to an increase in total entropy.Absolute Time is the distance between each steps(quantum of space) at which the matter expanded.
If the initial singularity changed its state, say to photons, and if it can only take defined states in space(assumption), then a step of time is the number of quantum distance the original photon covered since the big bang.

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