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In life, spirituality on March 25, 2013 at 6:43 pm

This is a list of coincidences I made since I have started noticing them from 2008. Recording for research purposes, and sharing to the public to hear about similar stories.

  1. Me and my two friends were on a leisure trip. While we were relaxing, we happened to talk about snakes for a short duration. We talked first about king cobra and then about black mamba. Later that day we went to one of my friend’s home to stay for the night. There I saw The Hindu news paper with an unusually large article about Black Mamba.

  2. Me and my roommates were going for lunch one day. We started talking about a regional movie actress named Sharmila and her relationship with Babu Antony another actor. When we walked back and reached our house,  I turned on the TV and the first scene was of a movie with Babu Antony and Sharmila on screen together.

    Note: these two actors are not common in TV screens or movies since long.

  3. On a cloudy day, I was sitting on the balcony of our rented house. I was in an ecstatic mood (probably because of heavy smoking) and I was staring at a particular point in the sky, smoking a cigarette. I was expecting to see something interesting there. And suddenly a meteorite shot through the sky for an unusually persistent duration and unusually close. But I was not surprised. It even gave me a feeling that I am hallucinating.

  4. The 11:11 phenomenon : I started reading about 11:11 from a website called ( I don’t remember if it started after reading it or before). Then I noticed I am involved in that phenomena, that I started noticing the pattern 11:11, 12:12, 10:10,4:44 etc. on my computer’s clock. Mostly 11:11.

    (Later Note April,2017) This is happening until this day. I have been seeing these and started taking snapshots of my screen. And it is filling up my smartphone memory space.

  5. I was watching Schindler’s List movie. On the second day, I watched the second half of the movie. At the end, I noticed that the date of the death of Oscar Schindler, the protagonist of the story, is 9th October 1974. And, to my amusement, the date I was watching the movie was exactly 9th October 2009.

  6. I was surfing a local tourism site I just looked at the contact page to find that it is at ‘Barton Hill, Vanchiyoor post’. Shortly, from outside, my neighbour was talking loudly to someone over the phone, I heard him saying Vanchiyoor clearly. (12/October/09 6.12 pm)

  7. I was watching a movie K-PAX. In one scene, the protagonist was going through a hypnosis session and the psychiatrist asks about the girl’s name. The protagonist poses for a minute. I predicted it as Sara. (10/February/2013 ~5.30PM) ( Note:  By now, I am very much experienced with synchronicity, confirmation biases  and lot many psychological fallacies etc. I was actually thinking, this will be awesome if I predict the name. And bingo!)

  8. (Retrieved from memories, added on 3rd April 2017) Back in 2003, I was in college hostel. I saw an article in a leading news paper one morning, celebrating the first Indian woman astronaut to reach outer space. Just looking at the photo and the article, I was having an uneasy feeling. My mind was telling me something is wrong. The lady was under some racial conspiracy. That she is in danger. After a day, I saw the news that she was killed in an accident. It was a shocking moment for me. PS: No offence is intended to any one or allegations of any kind of conspiracy. This is an exact representation of the state of mind at that period of time.


I will be updating these list as more things happen. Meanwhile request readers to take a moment and post your experiences with out exaggeration in the comments section.

You can learn about synchronicity here



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