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Is there an evolutionary reason as to why the fingerprints are unique?

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Answer by A Quora admin:

Good question. As far as I know, there are no explanations yet.

My wild guess is that it could be a mathematical characteristic than an evolved trait. Morphology and Morphogenesis, the branch of biology which study about the form and structure of organisms are getting more associated with mathematics , so is Developmental biology.
Recent studies[1][2] confirm old theory proposed by mathematician Alan Turing on how patterns arise from simple reactions [3]. The patterns formed like stripes of zebra and tigers were able to explain by this model. Since finger prints are similar in nature, I strongly believe that it may be emerging from similar reactions which may not need to have to be beneficial if not harmful. The cellular division and the formation of skin may have similar dynamics which leads to the signature patterns. Since the DNA is unique, it may be affecting the reaction parameters indirectly.

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Is there an evolutionary reason as to why the fingerprints are unique?

How does science explain God?

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Answer by A Quora admin:

Though the scientific world has not yet came across this, but what I understood, could be the basis of the current form of definition of God.

For understanding the idea, one need to learn few concepts which are mentioned below.

1. Humans are animals and Evolved from other animals now extinct.

2. The advantages of social evolution helped forming complex systems of individuals through mutually beneficial act than selfish acts. Though the underlying dynamics may be still selfish in nature.

3. Many social animals have evolved to follow power based hierarchies. Alpha males were genetically superior so that the system evolved to benefit by co-operating with other members of the social group to harness the power of unity. For e.g. hunting in groups may be efficient than hunting alone. Even though the alphas may be superior than the common member, the dynamics favoured co-operation because of the efficiency

4. In human societies these alphas were the tribal chiefs, the religious leaders, the shamans, the kings etc. Such individuals had huge influence on the rest of the members in their survival. Such alphas were got selected naturally that the society as whole benefit more. In return, the alphas enjoyed better quality of life and rights.

5. Since the qualities that enabled the alphas (intellect, physical capabilities, health etc.) were mostly genetic, artificial selection were possible and to preserve their superior capabilities, specially selected royal families were formed eventually so that best of the genes are accumulated in the family.

6. With rapid change happening in the human society, for preserving their power, the royal families and their close groups have identified that the power is becoming more and more about the faith of the rest on the superiority of the royal ones than how relevant the qualities that run in the family today. So they invented idols and symbols. Because individuals are subjected to death and other weaknesses, idols were used to preserve their memories and keep the people in the loop. The power now transformed to the symbols and anybody close to the symbols kept possession of the power, be it the priest or the king. Pharaoh , Imperial cult

7. Eventually as the kingdoms paved way to democracies, we are left with the symbols and stories that once were tools used by the royals to maintain their power. Now with the societies evolved to get rid of the costs of maintaining the alphas, many are still maintaining the ages old traditions and believe systems which ones were essential to the survival for the society as a whole, without having much clue or need to learn about the truth.

Kings invented Gods.

How does science explain God?