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POCC Kalyaninagar Meetup

In Business on March 27, 2011 at 7:42 pm

The Pune Open Coffee Club (POCC) is the name of a group of entrepreneurs, startup companies and aspiring entrepreneurs based around Pune. The self-organised meetups happen at many places in Pune, with many people attending. Recently one chapter of POCC started in Kalyaninagar area. The first meet up of this chapter was on 20-03-2011. Three talks were scheduled and only two were able to talk due to time limits.

Madhuri Sing and Swapnil Kale welcomes the audience

Speaker no. 1: Narendra Barhate – The CEO of SEED Infotech shared his success story of how his startup in Education sector, the challenges they faced  and became a success. One of the interesting thing he shared was how SEED info tech faced and survived the 2004 financial slowdown.

Mr. Narendra Barhate

Speker no. 2: Prof Dr Anil Lamba – The founder of Lamcon School of Management and a practicing Chartered Accountant. Dr. Lamba shared his knowledge on the financial management aspects in businesses. In his opinion many companies do not even have the basic understanding of financial management principles.

Dr. Anil Lamba

The meetup concluded promising more of such gatherings will be done at least once in a month without interfering with other POCC meetups.

Barcamp Kerala 8

In Business, Technology on April 1, 2010 at 12:29 pm

An year back , I came to know that there is an event called Barcamp that is happening in my neighborhood. Which is an unconventional way of gathering of like minded people, mostly passion driven, in order to maximize networking,sharing and learning diverse ideas. It is a user generated ‘un-conference’.

And on 28 th March 2010, the latest BarCampKerala was happened in MACFEST, Thiruvalla. You can check the BarCampKerala web site for details.

Though as many as 17 sessions were registered, few didn’t turn up, may be due to genuine reasons.

To brief a few sessions that I found useful were

Mr. Deepak from IBM research presented a fine session on Statistical Machine Learning in a simple way. (twitter: @deepakp7)

A presentation on Artificial Intelligence backed power saving technology christened SPARA from Artin Dynamics.

A presetation on ‘Startups in Kerala’ by a law consultant, Ivan (twitter:@ivan457).

Alan Haggai ‘s presentation on perl programming language and community.

Mr. Shwetank  Dixit ‘s presentation on Mobile web gave insight on statistics of web usage through Opera software from mobile devises. He is from Opera. (twitter:@shwetank)

entrepreneur lessons

In Business, productivity on July 9, 2009 at 10:23 am

Some lessons I learned to become a good entrepreneur from various sources

  1. Communication – Talk to people with smiling face. Read the mind.
  2. Good will – Learn the meaning of compassion, humanity, kindness,optimism,positivity….
  3. Health – Daily workout is a must.
  4. Imagination – Use the creativity. Imagine what change it will make when you offer your product or service.
  5. Innovation – Convert those flash lights on your head to solid reality.
  6. Knowledge – General awareness, current affairs.
  7. Networking – Networking with large number of people. Mathematically $ ∝ n 2 , n is the number of people you know.
  8. Observation – Observe what your senses offering to you. Everything is  information and opportunity.
  9. Passion – passionate about what you are up to is the key to success.
  10. Risk – Assessing and risk planning. You may need plan A, plan B …. plan Z, plan AA, plan AB ……. Never say there are no plans. Taking calculated risks is a skill.