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In life, spirituality on March 25, 2013 at 6:43 pm

This is a list of coincidences I made since I have started noticing them from 2008. Recording for research purposes, and sharing to the public to hear about similar stories.

  1. Me and my two friends were on a leisure trip. While we were relaxing, we happened to talk about snakes for a short duration. We talked first about king cobra and then about black mamba. Later that day we went to one of my friend’s home to stay for the night. There I saw The Hindu news paper with an unusually large article about Black Mamba.

  2. Me and my roommates were going for lunch one day. We started talking about a regional movie actress named Sharmila and her relationship with Babu Antony another actor. When we walked back and reached our house,  I turned on the TV and the first scene was of a movie with Babu Antony and Sharmila on screen together.

    Note: these two actors are not common in TV screens or movies since long.

  3. On a cloudy day, I was sitting on the balcony of our rented house. I was in an ecstatic mood (probably because of heavy smoking) and I was staring at a particular point in the sky, smoking a cigarette. I was expecting to see something interesting there. And suddenly a meteorite shot through the sky for an unusually persistent duration and unusually close. But I was not surprised. It even gave me a feeling that I am hallucinating.

  4. The 11:11 phenomenon : I started reading about 11:11 from a website called ( I don’t remember if it started after reading it or before). Then I noticed I am involved in that phenomena, that I started noticing the pattern 11:11, 12:12, 10:10,4:44 etc. on my computer’s clock. Mostly 11:11.

    (Later Note April,2017) This is happening until this day. I have been seeing these and started taking snapshots of my screen. And it is filling up my smartphone memory space.

  5. I was watching Schindler’s List movie. On the second day, I watched the second half of the movie. At the end, I noticed that the date of the death of Oscar Schindler, the protagonist of the story, is 9th October 1974. And, to my amusement, the date I was watching the movie was exactly 9th October 2009.

  6. I was surfing a local tourism site I just looked at the contact page to find that it is at ‘Barton Hill, Vanchiyoor post’. Shortly, from outside, my neighbour was talking loudly to someone over the phone, I heard him saying Vanchiyoor clearly. (12/October/09 6.12 pm)

  7. I was watching a movie K-PAX. In one scene, the protagonist was going through a hypnosis session and the psychiatrist asks about the girl’s name. The protagonist poses for a minute. I predicted it as Sara. (10/February/2013 ~5.30PM) ( Note:  By now, I am very much experienced with synchronicity, confirmation biases  and lot many psychological fallacies etc. I was actually thinking, this will be awesome if I predict the name. And bingo!)

  8. (Retrieved from memories, added on 3rd April 2017) Back in 2003, I was in college hostel. I saw an article in a leading news paper one morning, celebrating the first Indian woman astronaut to reach outer space. Just looking at the photo and the article, I was having an uneasy feeling. My mind was telling me something is wrong. The lady was under some racial conspiracy. That she is in danger. After a day, I saw the news that she was killed in an accident. It was a shocking moment for me. PS: No offence is intended to any one or allegations of any kind of conspiracy. This is an exact representation of the state of mind at that period of time.


I will be updating these list as more things happen. Meanwhile request readers to take a moment and post your experiences with out exaggeration in the comments section.

You can learn about synchronicity here



Mini story: Miracles do happen

In life, spirituality on December 10, 2012 at 11:38 am

The little kid was at 7th heaven as he was running to catch up with his mom, aunt and his little cousin buddy, who were almost ignoring him when they were hurriedly striding away. He was wearing over-sized clothes which made him look funny, with his tiny thin hands protruding as if from a bag. The source of his joy was the hard earned ice-cream cone that he was holding in one of those tiny hands. He was not sure what just happened for a moment and then he realized that he is facing the ground. He was almost sure he should cry in such a situation. His mother turned around and looked back at him and was starting to blame him before she carried him in her hands. He knew he was a winner when he just saw his hand was still in the air holding the ice cream cone totally safe.

He  just learned his first lesson: Miracles do Happen.

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Science and rebirth?

In math, science, spirituality on November 30, 2012 at 2:32 pm

I was little worried that I am becoming a pseudo-scientist  This feeling of guilt was burning inside my mind for sometime and wanted to do really scientific approaches in problem solving.

On the cold morning today, I had this interesting thought on rebirth. Normally I will delve in to thoughts for a few hours and then it will remain as a common religious belief. So this time I wanted to do an exercise on this to improve my scientific problem solving skills.

The problem:

Is rebirth scientifically possible?


Let us look at definition of rebirth here. Rebirth is defined here as having the same appearance of a person died before.

Now science tells us that the characteristics of body of a person is defined by mostly the genes. But this is not the only thing that shapes a body. It depends on the environment the person lives. This include the food, the climate etc. To simplify we will define a person as a set of genes. So rebirth in this context is having exactly the same sets of genes that of a previously dead person.


The number of variation or mutation in genes  are vary small. That is if we consider genes as a set of playing cards, the deck of cards are  unchanged. Each individual gets a shuffled set of cards.


This problem can be done only statistically. Let us start some number crunching

Total initial population, P0 = 10000
(Note: there is a hypothesis that entire population today are coming from a small population which survived a global catastrophe in Africa)
Reference : The Human Journey: Migration Routes (

Total genes per person, Gi = ~20600

Maximum genetic difference in the population (assuming all genes of the population are different) Gp=  Gi*P0 = 206,000,000

Total population ever lived till date Pt = 108,000,000,000

Assuming the variation in the gene pool through mutation is negligible over time, total possible unique individuals = Pt/Gp = ~524

So if there is no gene variations happening  there must have existed around 524 exact copies of every individual.
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What the heck is a fractal seed?

In life, math, spirituality on July 3, 2011 at 8:06 pm

You may be wondering.  Fractals are geometric shapes that can be split in to parts,each of which are a reduced part of the whole. In other words, geometric shapes showing self similarity and complexity. Yet they are overwhelmingly present everywhere in nature- from shape of the costlines and mountains to the shape of brocoli and fern. Fractals can be made using special recursive mathematical functions.

The seed of the fractal is the pattern defined by the equation which is repeating throughout the fractal. All life on the earth are fractals too. Fractals made of recursive process of procreation. And we make larger fractal patterns like family, community and countries and biosphere. And we are made of smaller fractal patterns – atoms, molecules, cells and organs.

So I am a seed. A recursive pattern. In that sense I am very old. Millions of years old. And I am everywhere. And I am you.

this world is my dream???

In Blogroll, life, spirituality on October 27, 2006 at 9:51 am

I always had this feeling(Not a Matrix hangover) that what i see and feel with my senses are just relative(albert einstein!!) to me.

Then  who is ‘me’ ? How can i understand who/what i am? by comparing with what i see and feel.

hmmm. so?….

So everything i see and feel is relative to me. Never tried to think beyond that. Because there is no point in that

So u, the reader is just a character in my dream.  So just do what i say


If u didn’t get your script yet, ask me , don’t just sit idle


I am gonna write some really weird scripts