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Shaman and the light

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Once upon a time… There was a little paradise, on the edge of the earth. Surrounded by blue waters and green forest, full of tall trees, crystal clear streams, flowering vines and beautiful ferns. With beautiful birds, butterflies, animals and insects. And people there were innocent and happy.

One day, a beautiful being came to a lonely man wandering in the forest. The being told the man that they all are in ‘darkness‘ and that is pathetic and he can offer a way in to something called ‘light‘. He said it is the most beautiful thing in the world. The man, hypnotised by the being’s charisma wanted to see that amazing thing he was mentioning. And the being said, it need some work. You have to do that nobody in the world has done before. You need to ‘think’. And the man didn’t know how to think and the beautiful spirit taught him exactly that.

The man started practising ‘thinking’ and started telling all the people that he knows to ‘think’ and what the spirit told him. People wanted to try too, but most of them could’t do. So they told the man, why don’t you do it and let us know what that ‘light‘ is like. The man agreed and kept thinking and thinking and thinking…

Days and nights gone by, weather kept changing, and he can see everything getting black, shady and empty. People and animal and all living things are fading and becoming shadows. He didn’t stop, he continued thinking in order to see the beautiful ‘light‘. He thought the being was right. We are in ‘darkness‘.

One such dark day, he felt everything was darker than ever and ‘light’ appeared in front of him. He looked at it in excitement and only to find that it is the ugliest thing he has ever seen in his entire life. While he stood there frightened, the ‘light‘ stared at his eyes and said to him that, ‘I was looking for you for so long, I can’t leave you now, I am going to be with you for ever’.

The man can’t believe himself. He looked around the darkness sat down exhausted. The light followed him..

The next day, others saw him in the woods, blind and deaf, shouting ‘Don’t think, don’t think‘.

Mini story: Miracles do happen

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The little kid was at 7th heaven as he was running to catch up with his mom, aunt and his little cousin buddy, who were almost ignoring him when they were hurriedly striding away. He was wearing over-sized clothes which made him look funny, with his tiny thin hands protruding as if from a bag. The source of his joy was the hard earned ice-cream cone that he was holding in one of those tiny hands. He was not sure what just happened for a moment and then he realized that he is facing the ground. He was almost sure he should cry in such a situation. His mother turned around and looked back at him and was starting to blame him before she carried him in her hands. He knew he was a winner when he just saw his hand was still in the air holding the ice cream cone totally safe.

He  just learned his first lesson: Miracles do Happen.

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