Anand CV Mallaya


Engineer, amateur scientist, entrepreneur.

Have been instrumental in effectively solving early stage startup problems with technology and personal capacity. Have tried my hands in starting up in health tech, media and cloud spaces. Some of my startup efforts include.

1. Semantic Web product – failed because : Failed to bootstrap, financial inadequacy, unable to gather interest and set up a team.

2. Genetics based match making – Failed to bring investment, failed customer validation,being too early, technological unavailability locally.

3. Cloud based Virtual Desktop Streaming to television – Succeeded in inviting interest and potential multi-million deal. Failed due to unfavorable business circumstances.

4. Semantic Web services – Dropped due to difficulty in getting clients.

5. Algorithmic Trading – Java based web service to create and test trading algorithms. Succeeded in setting up kick-ass team, great product, gather business interest. Failed due to getting funds, financial exhaustion and unsustainable conditions, difficulty scaling up and unfavorable team dynamics.

My (old) technology blog is here :

Twitter @anandmallaya


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