Anand CV Mallaya


Engineer, amateur scientist, working as a senior software engineer in an e-commerce/payment startup.

Failed multiple times trying to start-up technology business.

1. Semantic Web product – failed because : failed to bootstrap, financial inadequacy, unable to gather interest and set up a team.

2. Genetics based match making – Failed to bring investment, failed customer validation,being too early, technological unavailability in India

3. Cloud based Desktop through television – Streaming desktop through TV. Succeeded in inviting interest and potential multi-million deal. Failed due to unreliable partnership.

4. Semantic Web services – Dropped due to difficulty in getting clients.

5. Algorithmic Trading – Succeeded in setting up kick-ass team, gather business interest. Failed due to getting funds, financial exhaustion and unsustainable conditions, difficulty scaling up, team dynamics.

My (old) technology blog is here :

Twitter @anandcv


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